watermelon grill centerpiece heats up your summer BBQ

Bust out the melon baller, skewers and some delicious seasonal fruit to create this mouth-watering centerpiece for your next summer party!

I believe I was googling  ‘summer bbq recipes’ when searching for something tasty to bring to the company picnic when I found this unique idea for a watermelon BBQ. It looked beautiful! Typically I don’t usually get around to creating such masterpieces, but I’ve been trying to accomplish new things lately. So this past weekend, I had the perfect opportunity and time available to attempt such a creation, and this was my result with the help of my daughter, Kiki.easy watermelon bbq centerpiece heats up your summer party using seasonal fruit + a sharp knife | pinned by sayyum.com #recipe #fruit

I had a great experience creating this. After I finished balling the first watermelon half my daughter asked me to help. She excitedly took over the rest of the process, complaining that I didn’t ask her to help from the beginning. Next time I’ll be sure to engage her on my next cooking/entertaining project. I realize I have a tendency to want to control things and demand perfection of myself and/or those around me. So I’m learning to let go and allow the process of creation to unfold, even if the initial results are not as ‘perfect’ as I’d hoped. It’s all about trying out something new, and having the courage to attempt them for ourselves no matter what the results.

In allowing her to help, it helped me let go of the final results and appreciate the journey of learning through experience. Following our grill attempt, I looked both at my grill and the pictures of my grill. I realized I was focusing on all the things I would have done differently; used more colors of fruit, taken the picture from a higher angle, placed less skewers around the grill, etc., etc. I’m really trying hard these days to be gentler on myself and enjoy the creative process, realizing as we do something repeatedly we’ll perfect it, but the initial attempt at anything are far from elegant. This is the nature of life and evolution.

The desire to do something differently next time is the inertia of life. – Click to tweet this.

Our own judgement can keep us from even trying new things. So it’s really just about having the courage to try something new, appreciate any outcome and go from there. It’s like how I try to encourage my children to try new food. They have to try it once. They don’t have to like it, and likely complain. Then they’ll also need to try it again and again with the philosophy that each time they try it, their tongue learns more about the flavor and how to enjoy it. In life I find as we make our way through the initial, clumsy stages of trying something new as long as we keep on trying,  we leave ourselves open to enjoying all the new and exciting things life has to offer. The final result doesn’t have to be perfect, and we should all accept that life is real, not perfect. As much as we try, our lives are not a board in Pinterest. I could have gone back and redone my watermelon BBQ, but I chose to embrace my first attempt. We should embrace and revel in the process of our efforts, and not judge them so harshly. Of course the desire to want to do something differently, or try something again is crucial to life, but when we can move forward with embracing the things we wish to change and penalizing ourselves for imperfection, the next steps will much more enjoyable.

So, embrace your courage to try something new, let your creative juices flow and enjoy creating this delicious centerpiece for your next BBQ! You and your guests are sure to say yum!

Watermelon Grill Centerpiece
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Total time: 
A refreshing fruit snack or your summer gathering
  • 1 mini watermelon
  • skewers
  • celery
  • zucchini or cucumber (or BBQ lid)
  • blueberries (optional)
  • blackberries (optional)
  • strawberries (optional)
  • peach (optional)
  • pineapple (optional)
  • other fruit
  1. Cut watermelon in half.
  2. Create watermelon balls from each half.
  3. Use apple corer or paring knife to cut three small holes about ½ to ¾" wide to fit celery legs on one half of the watermelon.
  4. Put skewers close to top through the one half of watermelon with holes. You may criss cross skewers if desired. You may wrap melon halves in cling wrap and place in fridge overnight.
  5. Skewer watermelon balls with other fruit you have available.
  6. When ready to serve, attach celery legs, create lid handle by cutting out 'C' shape out of zucchini or cucumber. Attach 'handle' with skewers or toothpicks.
  7. Use dark blue colored fruit for coals and add to bottom of grill.
  8. Use skewers to attach grill lid.
  9. Place fruit skewers on and around grill.
Based on recipe from SheKnows - https://www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/1004269/watermelon-grill-with-fruit-kabobs



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