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Eating better doesn’t mean perfect. I don’t know about you, but I never learned to cook growing up and had no clue about caring for my body. But after tons of cooking classes and exploring many avenues of self-care and healing, I realized eating better becomes easier and part of our lives when we have the culinary skills and a desire to nurture our bodies without deprivation. To do that, we need heaping scoops of self-care, efficient cooking strategies and compassion.

Serving up kitchen therapy with one part cooking support and one part self-help, we’ll practice cooking easy, nourishing meals, and shifting our mindset.

We’ll take baby steps to cook and eat better and love our bodies now, so we can make lasting, healthy choices one bite and one breath at a time, without worrying about being perfect or a number on the scale because change takes time.

Realize most of us struggle with the same things. I am hungry to share this journey with you, help awaken our inner cooking and motivational gurus to restore sanity to mealtime and our minds so we can feel good, instead of stressed and inadequate.

Let’s ditch the all-or-nothing approach and make bite-sized changes instead, learn to love the ingredients of wellness and transform self-loathing into self-love so we can cook up a delicious life and say yum!

Healthier Meals Made Easy

Let’s make craveable, healthy, restaurant inspired meals a breeze with time saving techniques & supermarket shortcuts for well-being and weight loss.

Happiness is Homemade

We can transform ourselves from the inside out with mindful eating & living. Let’s find our happy place & weight one bite & one breath at a time.

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kitchen confessions

I have a confession.


I LOVE food and booze, but not in a cute, culturally acceptable sort of way. I seemed to be using them as my therapist, and it took a toll on my weight. Am I the only one?


After much self-reflection I realized they were masking my fear, anxiety and a lack of self-worth which I never addressed on any of my previous weight loss endeavors.


I realized feeling good in my body needs a holistic approach where I transform the why I eat better, not just the how.


The destination is not a number on the scale (like it used to be) but how I feel during the process, practice feeling compassion for myself, making mindful choices and honoring what I’m really craving.


So now it’s time to #BeYumME – and enjoy my delicious self. I confess to working on bite-size healthy habits, self-acceptance when I go off the rails, and cooking up craveable, nourishing meals when I can (and coming up with new strategies when I don’t) – all of which are the ingredients for a delicious life.


Is it possible to #BeYumME for life (even after years of fluctuating numbers on the scale and self-medicating) ?


days since I re-affirmed my self-care commitment.


days I ate when I wasn't even hungry.


days on which I had booze.


pounds down (but that's just a number, not the goal)

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