three weeks of kick a$$ salad recipes | 21 craveable meals in a bowl

Unlike my husband, who apparently starting coming home after school in fourth grade and making himself a salad as a snack (what kid does that?!??!!), vegetables and salads were on my most wanted list – to be destroyed at first sight. My tastebuds have definitely evolved and they learned to love a good salad.

This year I started a Salad Club at work – a day a week where my co-workers bring in an ingredient to create a satisfying and craveable salad. So, for someone who doesn’t have 30+ years of salad making skills, I’m fortunate to have the google and the Pinterest at my fingertips providing virtually limitless salad recipes for every craving occasion.

Each week depending on what I’m craving, and the seasonal influences, I pick a salad recipe to use as inspiration for a meal all can enjoy. All these recipes have meal worthy qualities either on their own or with the addition of some extra protein for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

three weeks of kick a$$ salad recipes

All of our augmentations of the recipes are delicious. The stone fruit salad gets bumped up with some prosciutto and goat cheese. Our buffalo chicken salad recipe became chickenless when my co-worker made some homemade seitan strips. Marinated portabellas studded with pinenuts filled in for grilled chicken in the greek kale and gyro salads as well as substituting for cured meats in the antipasto.

Sometimes I feel no matter what the salad recipe is and how hearty it is, I will find myself hungry a couple of hours later. Eating slow makes it hard for me to get enough in. I find planning for a healthy snack around 2 or 3 certainly helps. Co-workers also sometimes bring in bread to go with our salads and that can help fill me up, but I try not to OD on the carbs.

It can be challenging to come up with salad recipes each week, so I’m happy to share three weeks worth of mouth-watering salad recipes, that’s 21 recipes! There’s asian, noodle, classic, comfort, and grain bowl inspirations for a healthy lunch every day of the week. What’s your favorite salad?


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