How To Set Up Outdoor Movie Night
Recipe type: Technology
Cuisine: Activity
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: As many people as you can fit in your backyard!
  • movie of your choice on portable computing device (laptop, iDevice, ect., smartphone) with video output capabilities
  • speaker
  • projector (recommend 50 lumens or more)
  • tripod/ladder/other place to rest projector
  • video cable-to connect video output from device to video input on projector (cable type varies with devices)
  • clean, white sheet/tarp/drop cloth with clips/tape to attach (only if no light colored wall space is available)
  • extension cord (optional, depending on battery life of device and projector)
  1. If you don't have enough wall space that is light enough to, find a flat surface or solid objects to which you can attach a sheet. This can be to a fence, between trees, or even an exterior wall using double sided tape. You might have to MacGyver it.
  2. Find a safe place in a suitable viewing distance from your screen to place the projector and place on ladder/tripod/etc.
  3. Connect power if using.
  4. Connect video output from device to projector. You might have to use an adapter if using an iDevice.
  5. Connect audio output from device to speaker or from projector to speaker.
  6. Play movie using device with screen output to external source; this will vary depending on what OS you are using.
  7. Get comfy and enjoy the show!
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