Let’s commiserate and learn from the ups and downs of cooking up a happy, holistic approach to weight loss and wellness so we can all #BeYumME.

#BeYumME is a mantra to embrace what we are right now, a delicious piece of life in action. It’s also a reminder feel good in our bodies now. That doesn’t mean giving up on change. Its about:

  • Loving ourselves along the way.
  • Practicing without perfection.
  • Making mindful choices about what we eat.
  • Becoming aware how stress impacts us – like overfilling our plates or reaching for liquid relief (guilty as charged!).
  • Giving ourselves ourselves permission to enjoy cravings when they arise. Even if cravings seem to last for months or years 🙂
  • Making friends with our body to achieve lasting wellness (and sanity).

After yo-yoing on the scales for decades, I realized a new approach to food and well-being was necessary.

My feeling is to make peace with our bodies and feel good for life, we need a holistic approach to what we put in them. It starts in our minds and happens at the table, which is how I came up with my recipe to #BeYumME.

Researching the world of wellness and the mind, body, heart connection, I’m now navigating life with a new compass, not the scale but how I feel.