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bites + banter for easing mealtime madness + boosting wellness

Learning to eat better and feel better takes time. Let’s address why and how we eat in small bites. I’m a geeky, working mom getting real about the triumphs and tribulations of cooking up a healthy meal and mindset. Come along on the bite-sized journey of health + happiness.

Simple, Nourishing Food

The good news is we don’t have to make picture perfect food or complicated recipes for mealtime sanity, wellness or weight loss. Let’s make it simple and fresh.

Happiness is Homemade

Feeling better + changing how we think takes time with improving our mindset + empowered eating. But  Let’s ease into it and find our happy place + weight, one bite and one breath at a time.

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Former Veggie Hater + Cooking Newb

Veggies and searing were not always in my culinary vocabulary – with my primary veggie intake coming from nachos and frozen chicken wings former kitchen staples. So if I can develop an appetite for veggie-fied meals and kitchen prowess so can you.

Though after struggling with my weight for years, yo-yo-ing since college, I’ve realized eating better is not just knowing what to eat, or how to cook it.

Whipping up better living (and a happy weight) is about cultivating the habits and mindset to embrace nourishing ourselves regularly because we’re worth it…even if we don’t realize it yet, which is what I’m still learning.

So here I am practicing prioritizing feeling good. I’m hoping we can let go of filling ourselves up with less than we deserve. Let’s slow down and transform self-loathing into self-appreciation using our awareness to choose what fills us up with the best we deserve.

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project yummy mummy: lose 40 pounds by 40

With 40 quickly approaching, I’m on a weight loss mission to drop 40 pounds eating the same dinners as my family and enjoying indulgences in moderation. Can it be done?
birthday countdown

pounds lost so far

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